Broken Legs and Macaroons

Well, it definitely has been an interesting weekend. Really, I should have written this yesterday but I’ve just been so busy.

Millie stayed at mine on Friday for a 50th party we were celebrating and then my brother’s football presentation was on Saturday and it was definitely a lot of fun. We cheered as my brother and his friends received their awards and danced until it was time to leave but it was very emotional when my brother’s manager received an award and it made him laugh and cry when he saw that it was inscribed ‘broken leg award 2014’. I guess being a football manager can be life changing especially when you break your leg doing it.
Anyway, last night was filled with nothing but chocolate covered marshmallows and macaroons and I was in food heaven. It was one of my friend’s birthday meals and it was definitely the best even if I ate mostly chips and ketchup. I was glad I agreed to go. It was a memory I never wanted to forget. Actually, this whole weekend is full of memories I never want to forget so here I am, writing them down on our blog so that I never forget them. It was a weekend to remember!
Like I said, it’s been one crazy weekend but I couldn’t have been happier to have Millie with me and both of us enjoying the weekend. 
Until our next post, 
Love Chloe xoxo

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