Party time


Last night was an epic night. 
We celebrated my mom’s boyfriend’s 50th birthday yesterday and it was brilliant night. When we weren’t laughing so hard that our stomachs hurt, people were doing silly dances on the dance floor or filling their faces with the buffet food, hoping to get as much food as possible before it disappeared. 

(Sorry about the crap picture! The lights are to blame!)

The choice of sandwiches was absolutely astounding. There was honestly a choice for everyone! My favorite (being Millie that is) loved the chicken and stuffing sandwiches and ended up having about 6 of them! 
Of course, me, Chloe, loved the chicken sandwiches too along with the egg mayonnaise. They were really tasty even though I don’t really eat egg sandwiches and I must have had at least ten. I know, I was being greedy but I don’t care. We were having fun and the food was there to eat, not admire. 
Anyway, me and Millie both enjoyed last night and I’d definitely do it again if I could. But we have to get going because we have a football presentation to get too for my brother’s team and the food is calling our names. 
Until tomorrow…
Love Chloe and Millie xoxo
(Sorry about our shiny faces. The laser lights were crazy!)

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