New Beginning

As you can probably tell, this is our first ever post on our very first blog! 

We are a tad awful at this so bear with us as we get used to how to actually work this thing. 

Apologies for calling the blog a thing… 

Firstly, we should most likely start off with telling you guys a bit about us:

*Chlo head-bangs the wall right about now*



No matter how complicated life becomes, as long as you have family and friends beside you, things will always have a way of working out. 

I’ve learnt that through my own experiences of betrayal and complete misunderstanding. But no matter what I believe is happening, a bit of luck is always on it way to prove that life can be full of surprises even when it seems nothing good will appear.

And luck always seems to appear for any sort of hero even when all seems lost. It definitely looked like all was lost in Avengers when there seemed to be a grim end to the bloody battle. But that’s what I love about action films. I’m a huge Marvel and DC freak but I don’t care because they’re spectacularly good! I spent most of my childhood either watching TV series’, action films or watching good old classics like Scooby Doo and Tom and Jerry. 

I guess that’s where I got my love for Lara Croft, Mission Impossible, CSI dramas and mysteries from and why I used to spend some of my free time in my childhood pretending to be an investigator or super spy with the other kids in my street. 

Nowadays, I spend most of my time writing stories even though they never seem to be good enough to actually pursue and I’m forever worrying about what other people might think, so that is why nothing ever came out of them. I’m learning to get over what other people think now even after I spent most of my school years being bullied for stupid little flaws other people disliked. Now I believe that ‘perfection is imperfection’ and ‘nobody is perfect’ and people should be confident in their own skin. Like…




You’ll find me a little less like the inspirational guru up there ^^^

Wow… this is a lot harder than it looks. Normally, I am full of things to say and can never actually stop talking — kinda shy at first — when you get to know moi. My actual name is Millie you know… thought I would point that out… 😀 

I am a bit out of the ordinary in my head but on the outside, I look completely normal. The ideas that I have in my brain are things that people only dream of having… Jokes, they are pretty original. Although, creating new things and ideas is something that I do quite a lot, most of the time unconsciously…or at least I sometimes try too. 

Childhood: one word that can sum this up has to be; extraordinary. I once climbed a tree and got stuck, yes you read that right, stuck. Thankfully, this really drunk guy was wandering past and he saw me and helped me down, using a lot of inappropriate swear words. At the time, I was absolutely terrified but thankful for him helping me. I also used to play in the cul-de-sac where I used to live, playing with the kids that used to live there too. Cops and Robbers used to be the most frequent game we played. For the people who do not know what that is, imagine young children running round trying to capture each other, declaring that they have been arrested. Yeah…

Nowadays, I am a normal, boring, weird nerd who stays in the house watching programs regularly, eats a hell of a lot and enjoys smooching my dog. Yes, I smooch my dog. By smooch, I mean kiss… but not on the mouth guys, that is just wrong. Okay… moving on…

This blog was an ‘out of the blue’ idea and we hope that it continues to progress!  You’ll be hearing from us soon… 

Peace. xox


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