Natural Beauty vs Media Beauty

Whenever I read through any sort of magazine like Vogue to Top of the Pops, I always seem to see the same thing over and over again. The same perfect looking, slim and flawless models or celebrities and every time I do, I feel my self confidence drop immediately. 

I’ve never been very confident in myself and my self confidence began to decrease when I was bullied for things like my ginger hair as soon as I started primary school. I don’t remember many periods of time when I wasn’t bullied because I was bullied nearly every year by the same group of people who couldn’t understand that having my red hair was part of me and I couldn’t change it no matter how much I wanted too. 
I spent nearly everyday wishing I could be different and wishing I had the perfect bikini body like most celebrities the media follows but then I realised that being so negative about myself was stopping me from seeing what I had. I realised I was different from others and that wasn’t a bad thing. I just have to embrace what I have and live my life without allowing all the negativity to take over. 
I’m still learning to do that now but slowly, I’m learning to love myself for who I am. Nobody should be made to feel low or that they need to be slim or have a certain colour hair to fit in. Everyone is different and we should embrace that and show the world who we really are. Life is made for living, not wishing. 
So when you next look at a magazine or see a celebrity on TV and think to yourself ‘I wish I was as beautiful as him/her’, go and stand in front of a mirror and see how beautiful you really are. 
You may not feel like you’re beautiful on the outside but you are beautiful on both the outside and inside and no one should tell you otherwise. 
Believe in yourself because I believe in you all! 
Until next time, 
Love Chloe xoxo

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