McBusted (Friday 2nd May 2014)

May I just say before I begin, that when this day finally came, I was overly tired and just wanted to get home and sleep off the chaotic few days I’d had before hand, trying to organise how we were going to get to Birmingham. 
It’s never good when you get the dates mixed up as to when you’re going to the concert the night before it actually is happening. I have never worried so much thinking we’d have to cancel the night I had been looking forward too for the last few months all because of a mix up. Luckily, my mom was there to save us. She’s my superhero in these sort of situations where I feel like having a mental breakdown and curling up in a ball in the corner of the room. 
She was so calm when I felt like a headless chicken running around the room and she soon figured out how to get us to Birmingham and where I’d be meeting two of my friends when we picked them up on the way. After that, I had calmed down and was finally able to sleep for the last few hours I had before I had to be up for school again. 
Anyway, like I said, I was tired by the end of the school day and just wanted to go home and sleep but my friends had been texting me all day about how excited they were to be able to see McBusted live. We’d all grown up singing along to McFly and Busted songs so being able to see them live was something we’d never forget. 
The three of us sung along to every single song they played and we were incredibly relieved to have a big air conditioning fan behind us, cooling us off from where we stood at the sidelines, because everyone at the front looked like they’d ran a marathon. 
Of course, even though they were grown men, the McBusted boys had to bring out inflatable balls, wedding dresses, the Back to the Future car James and Matt had both arrived at the concert in and a lot of confetti and streamers. They were letting their inner child escape and everyone has to let that happen once in awhile otherwise we’d just be too serious to enjoy life while we still have the chance. 
It was definitely a night to remember and I say to anyone reading this: if you get the chance to see McBusted, take that chance as you’ll be really glad you did. 
Love Chloe xoxo

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